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Marketing Planning Director 市场策划总监

Marketing Planning Director 市场策划总监
Senior Manager

1. Fully participate in the research and product positioning of the group company's marketing strategy, and provide support for the accurate positioning and successful marketing of each branch's project market;

2. Participate in the product positioning, product planning, product design, market analysis, and product adjustment seminars in the early stage of each branch project;

3. Responsible for the organization of marketing strategy, media promotion, advertising design, and theme activities, and provide guidance for each project's staged sales strategy, promotion theme and strategy;

4. Fully integrate all effective resources of the company, promote the realization of the company's marketing goals, effectively use and manage marketing expenses, and control marketing costs;

5. Organize research and formulate development plans for company marketing and market development;

6. Combined with the marketing status of internal and external activities, conduct in-depth research, organize and implement relevant activity plans, and enhance the company and project brand awareness and reputation;

7. Responsible for the research and development of new projects for marketing lines;

8. Organize and carry out market statistical analysis and forecasting work;

9. Actively expand strategic partners in real estate-related industries (advertising/government departments, etc.), and enhance corporate brand and industry appeal.


1. Have a deep understanding of marketing work;

2. Have a keen market perception, the ability to grasp market dynamics and market direction;

3. Have a close media cooperation relationship and have the ability to manage large-scale events on site;

4. Familiar with the whole process of mobile phone/electronic product marketing planning, familiar with the characteristics and development trend of mobile phone/electronic product supply and demand;

5. More than 10 years of marketing planning experience, more than 5 years of planning manager work experience;

6. Age between 32-45.

7. Candidates must be can speak in Mandarin.


Bachelor's Degree/Post Graduate Diploma/Professional Degree

Job Details

  Job Specialization:

Advertising/Media Planning

  Job Location:

Kuala Lumpur

  Employment Type:


  Age Range of Candidate:

28 - 38

  Years of Experience:


  Monthly Salary:

MYR6500 - MYR12000

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